About Us

Amasar was founded on family values, healthy eating, and respect for our planet. Marisol Villalobos, as a mother of three children, was always concerned about providing the best nutrition for her children, as well as teaching them the importance of healthy eating. The desire to nourish families, as well as the knowledge about the nutritional benefits of the pana fruit, were the key aspects that propelled Amasar's journey. This journey is being shaped by our enriched experiences from earlier times on high mountain coffee farms and their agricultural education as part of the FFA organization.

Amasar is directed by Marisol Villalobos Rivera; she leads the Amasar LLC farm and company together with her partner, husband and accomplice, Jesús Martes Cordero. The farm, located in the Mameyes neighborhood of Jayuya, has 20 yards, with 10 yards already planted with more than 500 trees. They are dedicated to the breadfruit, that Puerto Rican gastronomic delight that we only find from time to time, always with a pleasant surprise. And as Marisol rightly mentions while she makes the fabulous breadfruit recipes, "Eat well, live happily."


In Amasar we envision that those we serve understand the benefits of healthy eating, and embrace farming efforts for sustainable socially-responsible food.


Amasar is an ecofriendly agribusiness providing tasty and nutritional products based on Breadfruit, for those pursuing a healthy living.

Breadfruit Tree

It is abundant in the tropics and in the Caribbean. A single tree can produce up to 200 or more fruits per season. Excellent CO2 arrestor, Helps reduce Global Warming Ideal tree for reforestation

Why Breadfruit is classified as a SuperFood.

  • Naturally Gluten Free.
  • Does not cause a glycemic boost.
  • Excellent source of fiber.
  • Rich in Potassium.
  • Contains the 20 essential amino acids.
  • Boosts your immune system.
  • Healthy for your heart.
  • Helps fight cancer.

Amasar LLC:

  • Believes in healthy eating.
  • Protects the environment.
  • Uses agroecological and agroforestry practices.
  • Uses Eco Friendly packaging.
  • Encourages farms ran by women.
  • Wants a better world for future generations.