THE AMASAR FAMILY seeks that its agricultural products be produced mainly by Puerto Rican farmers.

Our farming practices keep our crops pesticide-free, maintaining a vibrant agro-forest. Our trees and crops replenish with fresh air and natural rainfall from our high mountains. With our innovative concept, we go from the breadfruit tree directly to your table, with a variety of high quality products.

Our Beginnings​


Amasar was founded on the values of family, healthy eating and the respect for our planet. As a mother of three kids, I was always concerned on giving my children the best nutrition as well as teaching them about the importance of healthy eating. The desire for nurturing my family as well as the knowledge about the nutritional benefits of Breadfruit where the key aspects that sparked Amasar’s journey. This journey is being shaped by our enriched experiences from our early times in the high mountains coffee farms and our agricultural education as part of the FFA organization.

Amasar is led by a passionate woman motivated by a will to educate, foment family values, utilize fair-trade practices and promote agriculture across the Caribbean. Amasar invests in a healthier future by creating sustainable, gluten free alternatives with the highest nutrition.


In Amasar we envision that those we serve understand the benefits of healthy eating, and embrace farming efforts for sustainable socially-responsible food.


Amasar is an ecofriendly agribusiness providing tasty and nutritional products based on Breadfruit, for those pursuing a healthy living.

Breadfruit Tree