The beginning of Amasar’s Journey

We are Amasar and we want to share with you one of our Caribbean treasures. We have been enjoying this for centuries and we think it’s time to share it with the world. But now as a nutritious gluten-free power flour. I am Marisol Villalobos and I’m presenting you Pana, Breadfruit, Hulu or “Buen Pan”. In Amasr based on abundant scientific research we are promoting it as the next big superfood!

 But how did we get breadfruit? It’s a remarkable story that I will share with you all. We owe it to the natives of Tahiti, a French Polynesia island of the Pacific. Breadfruit arrived to the Caribbean in the late 1700s in an extraordinary journey of Captain William Bligh, his crew and the British Empire! Who hasn’t heard about that famous story of the Mutiny on the Bounty? Maybe one of the first globalization events on record! At the end it gifted our beautiful Caribbean islands with a superfood that would have an impact and still does in
the food and culture of our people. For us and Amasar there’s also a story! Both of us my husband, Jesus, and I love Agriculture. We were part of the Future Farmers of America and that’s where we met.
Agriculture brought us together. Our first investment was purchasing a farm in the high mountains of Jayuya.
Because of Jesús job in the pharma industry life moved us to be ex-pats in Italy for some time. My godmother, Madrina Mily sent us all the way from Puerto Rico an enormous breadfruit. She knew it was my favorite. And there was no breadfruit there. This sparked our attention about the potential of the super food and this is where Amasar’s journey began! 
In 2016 we visited some friends Jajaira and Josué, they were also ex-pats. It’s so interesting how many things happen with the nostalgia of our family, of our community, our culture and our friends. We went there looking for a guitar. After sharing with them, all of our ideas and dreams. We decided to go to a festival that was being held in Madrid neither of us knew what it was about. For our surprise that famous festival held in Madrid was the festival of San Isidro Labrador, the saint of agriculture! It was too much coincidence, we had been building up the idea of working together with breadfruit. And there they were all the “carrozas” with farm products all around the city. It was decided we would embarked on our own breadfruit journey! And returned to Puerto Rico to begin growing breadfruit.  Our mission is to make Puerto Rico and the Caribbean ambassador of breadfruit. To share with the world the benefits of this generous superfood that will continue to impact positively our planet.