Have you tasted Breadfruit?

Amasar offers GLUTEN FREE products made out of this superfood.
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Looking for healthy products full of flavor?

Here you will find Delicious and Nutritious products based on the  superfood: Breadfruit. 

Most Popular Recipes

 Our nutritious gluten free flour  products based on breadfruit are manufactured in the high mountains of Jayuya, Puerto Rico using innovative procedures to conserve all of the nutrients this superfood has.

The breadfruit is a resilient fruit that resists almost any weather conditions here in the Caribbean. Located in the island of Puerto Rico,  more than ever, we identified ourselves with this amazing fruit.

We are re-discovering all the wonders of  breadfruit: a SUPERFOOD. It’s a great source of antioxidants, calcium, high fiber, energy & contains the 20 essential amino acids.  

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