About Us

AMASAR is an agroecological farm, located in the high mountains of Jayuya, Puerto Rico. Our trees and crops  replenish with fresh air and pure waters.

In fact, we consider ourselves an innovative concept, since we go from the breadfruit tree directly to your table, with a variety of high quality products.

THE AMASAR FAMILY seeks that its agricultural products be produced mainly by Puerto Rican farmers, using advanced agricultural practices; so that our products guarantee the greatest freshness and quality.


Our Beginnings

Amasar arises from a longing, a dream, a friendship and a family!

When by circumstances of life, you coincide with friends far from home. With family who encourage you to move forward and shape your ideas, and are willing to share the risks of a new adventure, you are filled with the energy to come back and start a new project. With the north of contributing to Puerto Rico, with an enriching nutrition for our people and the whole world.


To become one of the most recognized agricultural companies in Puerto Rico, for our innovation, nutrition and for the quality of our products.


We work daily on our farms and in our operation to provide innovative products, with the highest nutrition and the best quality. With our effort, we contribute to a healthier future, for our families, for our communities and for the planet

In Amasar Quality begins in the farm!